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Creator of the iOS photography apps Gridditor & Filterstorm, the Mac drawing app Inkist, the Mac HDR app Light Compressor, and the experimental web browser Torii.

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I got to this blog because Emm told me about it :) I love it -- and I love your photos.

I’ve shot film since I was a kid, and though I’ll probably forever remain “amateur” and noncommittal to the photography world, I still love the way it looks, and the whole process of it, in general.

As much as I often wish I could afford a decent SLR, my rangefinders (Yashica 35 + Smena 8M -- obviously a lot “crappier” than the Nikon SP!) are my babies. :) It’s rewarding when you compose a shot and you find out that it either looks exactly like you intended, or it looks slightly different but beautiful in its own way.


Posted by Erika (anon) on 2010-10-15 13:15:13.

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