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Edit: wow, I misread your post (it was at like 6am when I read it) You should see caption for both FTP and e-mail. It’s impossible to add that when saving to photos right now, because of how API works when adding things to the photos app. The metadata gets stripped. I believe this changes in iOS4

It wasn’t mentioned in this post (because it hadn’t been completed yet) but I’ve added a bunch in filterstorm 2. Here’s the fields:

â—¦ Caption

â—¦ Headline

â—¦ Title (byline)

â—¦ Keywords

â—¦ Instructions

â—¦ Subject

â—¦ Category

â—¦ Supplemental Category

â—¦ Author

â—¦ Creator

â—¦ Source

â—¦ Provider

â—¦ City

â—¦ State

â—¦ Country

â—¦ Job Title

â—¦ Job ID

â—¦ Copyright

â—¦ Date/Time

Filterstorm 2 was submitted to Apple, so should be out in about a week.

Posted by tai on 2010-08-05 06:01:52.

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