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Thanks! I can see why you’re holding off for now. a 5D Mk2 and 3 lenses? That’s pretty fantastic for one month.

There’s a few issues with PSDs that make that a very difficult feature for me to add. Firstly, because of the serious RAM constraints, Filterstorm edits are destructive. I use 3 internal layers in order to handle caching and blending, and that basically maxes out the ram I can use.

The good news is that with Filterstorm 2’s large image exporting and automation capabilities, I’ve opened up some more possibilities. I’ve given thought before to creating a simple companion app on Macs that could read in the Filterstorm automation file and an image, and process the full resolution version. It would be possible to process at this point in a manner that creates Photoshop adjustment layers rather than doing the destructive edits.

I’ve never looked at the PSD file format, I have no idea how easy or difficult it is for a third party to read from it/write to it. If it’s easy, it’s a possibility.

Posted by tai on 2010-07-22 06:09:35.

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