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Creator of the iOS photography apps Gridditor & Filterstorm, the Mac drawing app Inkist, the Mac HDR app Light Compressor, and the experimental web browser Torii.

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impressive app

I dismissed the iPad when it first came out because it didn’t run Photoshop or Lightroom, and didn’t have any serious photo editing app of its own. Ran across a mention of your program in a Flickr group, so decided to check it out. I am impressed! I’m not quite ready to plunk down the cash for an iPad yet -- still recovering from the purchase of a 5D Mark II and three lenses last month -- but when I do, I’ll be getting Filterstorm to go with it. Any chance you’ll be adding an option to export a layered PSD file for further work in Photoshop?

Like your photographic work, too, BTW. Excellent stuff!

Posted by Guy (anon) on 2010-07-22 05:39:38.

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