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Creator of the iOS photography apps Gridditor & Filterstorm, the Mac drawing app Inkist, the Mac HDR app Light Compressor, and the experimental web browser Torii.

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Thank You, Steve Jobs

Among my earliest memories is buying a Mac Plus with my parents, which served faithfully along with the many Macs I’ve owned and relied upon throughout my life. It may or may not be that my Macs were responsible for my choice to pursue an education in Computer Science, I cannot say; regardless, the state of the entire computer industry at the time of my education was largely of his influence.

Not long after college, the radical shift in software distribution created by iPhone and the App Store allowed me to become independent—to start a life writing software for myself, to be successful.

His impact has been immeasurable, and he will be missed.

Tai Shimizu

Posted by tai on 2011-10-05 23:37:43. Comments (0) | Tiny link

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